Here’s Our Story…

I have wanted to make a blog for years now, when I was pregnant I was like hey I’ll make a blog about mommy hood. Well here we are, finally making my first blog post, my child is now three years old. That is mom life for real! Mom’s are busy people, with 19279367378923872376578 things going on in their mind at any given moment.

Anyway back on point, who is this blog about exactly? And what is it about?

Well I am Kaylea, a full time single mommy and nursing student come September. I did 5 years of university to become a teacher, but half way through it the universe said “Hey! We’re going to throw you a curve ball, you will have to raise a baby alone, so being a teacher oversea’s won’t pan out, make another plan girl!” Thats what I did, I finished my degree with a two year

old, and got into nursing school for September 2015. And the handsome stud I am raising, that would be Karter. Also known as my world, and soulmate. He’s three years old, as previously mentioned and is in the phased being called “three-nager” which is, lets face it, annoying. Mom’s and dad’s who have a three-nager or have been there understand. these tiny little humans are testing the crap out of your patience. Parents who aren’t there yet, oh the things you get to look forward too! Otherwise he is a pretty amazing child, who says the darnedest things! He is sweet, he will shed a tear during a sad movie, or just tell me how happy he is I’m home.

**Disclaimer, by raising him alone I mean I have an army behind me. My parents, my siblings, my aunts and uncles, and friends all help me raise Karter into the awesome human being he is today and will be in the future! It takes a village right???**

We co-sleep, and bed share. So what I am saying, is he rules my bed, always has. But I will cherish it, how long will my son want to sleep with his mommy? I give him a couple more years then I’ll be enemy to him haha!

This blog will revolve mostly around parenting issues, and whatever comes up that I feel like addressing haha! Crafts we do, adventures we take, and everything in-between! Hopefully you enjoy reading!


On our annual pumpkin picking adventure <3

On our annual pumpkin picking adventure ❤


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