My Mom Bod 

My friends and family reading this blog know I have been on a long fitness journey. Well my mommy bod is what it is. I have come to terms with it now, I  have stretch marks and my birth mark which was once small and cute is now huge; to which Karter has nicknamed it “toodles” (yea it now looks like Mickey Mouse). The hardest thing wasn’t losing the 100lbs of weight I gained before, during and after pregnancy or eating properly (which is very hard). But it was coming to terms that my body may never look exactly like I want it to, but I should still be proud. I plan to wear a bikini to the water parks with Karter this summer and try not to let people’s rude looks or stares ruin my time. As women and mothers our bodies do something so utterly incredible I think it isn’t taken at face value as much anymore, we created a freakin life within our bodies we are badass! If our bodies don’t bounce back like they used to who cares??? Being confident in the body you have is super sexy! And is a great feeling in general! Life’s too short and too hot to keep covered up because of some stretch marks and extra weight after a baby! #mombod

My stretch marks, and toodles, I will rock them!


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