Motivating and Enriching Our Children…

Tonight for the first time ever I did a bootcamp outdoor class. Now anyone who knows me may be a little surprised (or not if you REALLY know me haha) that I’ve never done a class. Mostly I’ve held back because I am a bit terrified. I’m sure moms and parents can agree with me that after having children having control of bodily functions is no longer a thing. So anything could happen at any moment, attending a class with other people just seemed embarrassing! But I went out of my comfort zone and participated in a boot camp with a friend (who in her own regard was outstanding! She hasn’t been working out very long and still was able to kick ass and keep up, I think I struggled more than her!) She was so motivating to compete with in this type of environment. She is completely inspiration and is doing outstanding!

Where am I going with this post? Well tomorrow I will without a doubt be walking like a baby deer around, but I will still go to the gym and do the best I can. Being able to work out and exercise gives me an outlet to get out frustration and gives me that “me time” parents desperately need. It also lets me inspire Karter!

I want Karter to be happy, and healthy. Part of being healthy is having a active lifestyle. We do a lot of things outside to try and keep a toddler active. He enjoys riding his bike, or going on walks (with or without his faithful dog) we often go to the park, or on little adventures and scavenger hunts. He will even attempt to work out with me at home, grabbing weights and doing jumping jacks or skipping. Karter knows I go to the gym daily but he knows I’m going to get strong. I make it a point to never use words like skinny in front of him. Teaching him that life is so much more than a number on a scale. It’s about being happy with what you see and how you feel in your own skin, it shouldn’t revolve around a number. Even as a male, I think it’s important for Karter to feel this way. A lot of times he will say “I can’t do it mommy, I’m too small. Help me!” which I will help him but tell him he isn’t too small and that he can do anything.

*if you are skinny yourself please know there is nothing wrong with that! As long as you are happy and healthy, thats awesome! I just don’t like the label, likewise for the word fat. I just find that they try to define a person too much*

So, I try to lead by example. My head will often say, you can’t finish this exercise or this jog your body is giving up on you. No Kaylea it isn’t! It’s all in my head, my body will continue going (maybe begrudgingly) but it won’t give out on me. I show him I can do anything I set my mind too.

Having children you want to inspire and make proud is so motivating or even nephews and nieces, grandkids, godchildren, its all motivating to see this little child see something in you no one else sees.

Inspire your littles <3

Inspire your littles ❤


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