Then and now…

Children’s toys have changed dramatically in the last 30 plus years, even in the last 15 years kids toys have made crazy advancements! I wanted to compare some of the most popular kids toys then and now…

As a little girl growing up in the 90’s there are a lot of toys I remember playing with. When I was in the second grade a popular recess activity was to play pogs, mostly because you could win some awesome pogs from people you didn’t like or just grow your collection!

Having the best slammer, now that was worth fighting for!

Kids now a days have no idea what pogs are, they are too busy playing with and collecting Mind Craft and Sky Landers (which as a mother of a 3 year old I had to google both of these toys haha)


And from what I understood these can work on online play as well???  Isn’t that way cool!

One of my favourite toys growing up would have to be the tamagotchi. My first baby if you will. Feeding, and changing this baby when it pooped, and then my baby growing up! It was endless fun

Anyone else wish they would sleep faster!

Maybe the equivalent now a days is a iPad or tablet? Now I’m not saying these are bad things for children to have, my son owns an iPad. But so more advanced and man at a year old they know how to work one like its nothing haha

Watching my toddler work an iPad like he was born with the skills, and teaching his grandpa to work one too is just funny.

But tamagotchi > iPad/tablets

As a little girl my favourite two baby dolls were my cabbage patch doll and my water baby. Growing up with 3 sisters we played a lot of house and our baby dolls were very much real to us mini moms.

This is the cabbage patch doll I had because well she looked just like me

And my water baby

Precious aren’t they?

Dolls now a days are actually pretty intense and awesome

Baby Alive dolls actually pee and poop, seriously they do. There is YouTube videos of the dolls peeing and pooping. I’m not sure if I am amazed or frightened. I mean really kids, poopy diapers aren’t that awesome why would you want to change them for fun??

Not only have kids toys changed but so have games and just everyday life.

On a Friday night my siblings and I would go over to Blockbuster or Rogers with our mom and pick out a movie or two to watch. Either the latest hot new release or a old Disney classic. Now a days kids can just stream a new movie online or through cable companies like Rogers on Demand. Also the introduction of Netflix (its amazing I know, I veg in bed watching it too, alongside Karter) But the whole thrill of going to Blockbuster and going through the hundreds of movies and having to commit to one movie, gone, forever. Now if you aren’t feeling a movie you can easily switch to another. Just not the same. Not to mention picking up last minute candy at the video store. The kids will never understand now. Sigh.

Another thing I looked forward to doing was after saving my money for a particular video game was going to Future Shop and buying it. Well now kids can just download a game to their PS3 or Xbox or whatever they happen to have. Must be nice haha! Also Future Shop is no more, these poor kids.

But seriously overall I think the biggest change would be how technology has blown up. My parents, who are in their early 50’s have no idea how to work anything technological haha. Karter shows them how to work all his devices. It just goes to show how much has changed in the last couple decades.

Incredibly really!


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