Running my Circus…

I’m sure every parent at one point in any given day realizes they are juggling in a circus or running a zoo. Either way the parent feels as though they are about to drop all their balls and all the animals will escape. Make sense? Maybe? Haha Maybe not. 

Anyway, balancing being a parent, and all other tasks in your life is difficult to say the least. 

I know I feel like I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a student, a teacher, a chauffeur, a cook, a maid, a bank, the list is endless. When at the end of the day all I want to be is a child again without a care in the world, who sleeps a lot(seriously kids enjoy those naps now) Are you with me? 

I’m sure even people who don’t have kids can understand this juggling act we have to pull off as adults. 

Usually something gives, and it all falls apart. It’s how you act and react picking up the pieces that counts. My first thought is I freakin quit! But that isn’t an option in most cases. So I have my moment and move on. I then prioritize, what has to be handled first? What don’t I have to worry about right now? Then I do it. At some point I probably consider giving up again, because as one wise meme once said “adulting is hard” 

I wasn’t handling school and well everything else in my life very well first semester. So I sought guidance from my wise advisor, Craig (the knowing of all things biology, truly the dumbledore of biology). As a very visual person and learner Craig told me to make a schedule, not just any schedule; literally scheduling in everything. So I printed out a schedule that had every hour of the day in it. I penciled in my classes, hours I wanted to be at the gym, studying time, sleep time, and Karter time. I felt sick at first scheduling in time with my kid as if he wasn’t more important. But it helped, I was able to clearly see my day. And get what needed to be done, well done. 

My schedule has made me more accountable for the things I have to juggle in life, sure it seems silly but I promise it works!

When I’m in school my schedule looks sort of like this …

6am- wake up get ready for school 

7am-have breakfast with Karter 

8am-1pm  classes

1pm- lunch with friends 

2-5pm classes 

5pm- make dinner 

6pm- have dinner with Karter 

7-8/830pm- spend time with Karter 

830pm put Karter to bed

9pm-12am complete homework 

12/1am sleep 

Some days varied in the school times but you get the general idea. 

Let me know if this method worlds for anyone else! 


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