Our Rainy Day Crafts, and Pinterest Wins!

Karter is quite the crafter and an avid artist, which I love!! I enjoy being creative, Karter and I share this in common. He’s much rather paint, or colour than be out on the soccer field. He’s a artsy, fartsy free spirit who loves expressing himself through art at only 3 years old.

We don’t always just stick to painting, or cut and paste I try to have him learn while he’s doing something even if he has no idea. We have done volcano’s which Karter really enjoyed! I mean what toddler doesn’t love making a big mess! We took playdoh, making a volcano, added in baking soda and a couple drops of food colouring, added in dish soap and the volcano erupted. We used this pinterest link as reference,


Except we put our volcano on a paper plate to save some mess haha!

Karter is all about everything zoo animals lately, we visited the Toronto Zoo and now he is obsessed. He spends lot Here is a video of Karter making one of his volcano’s

Lately Karter has had a fascination with all things zoo animals. He’s been drawing a lot of them on his chalk board by looking at pictures on his iPad, it’s actually adorable seeing his little brain thinking and processing before he draws.

Karter's hippo

Karter’s hippo

Not only does he draw these beautiful creatures but he has gotten very inquisitive. Asking me mommy where does this one live? Or where does that one live?

This got me thinking, how can I show him where these animals live, where he will learn and understand.

I searched Pinterest and found an idea. This is the link on Pinterest.

I showed him the pictures and he was excited to make it together.

We painted it together (he started, got bored I finished haha)

It's blurry but we were painting an african setting

It’s blurry but we were painting an african setting

I chose to start with an African exhibit because some of his favourite animals are in Africa (lion, hippo, giraffe, zebra).

Anyway, after I finished it we put his lion in it, he was so happy and wanted to show it off to everybody.


We have to put more animals inside his habitat

We have to put more animals inside his habitat

We have been working on the alphabet for some time, in school and at home. Going with the animal and zoo theme I wanted to work on creating a alphabet book with Karter. I asked him how he would like to do it, colouring, cut and paste, paint or what. He said “mommy maybe we paint my hands and feet!”, we went on our favourite Pinterest and found this link.


We started making our own, we got about 8 letters done before he was over it for today haha

He has already asked to work on the rest, so maybe tomorrow!

IMG_2446_2IMG_2445_2 IMG_2449_2 IMG_2450 IMG_2451_2 IMG_2452_2 IMG_2453

These are some of the one’s we got done today!

It’s a great away to get the kids interested in learning, while the kids are having fun!


One comment

  1. Marcus · June 1, 2015

    Hes getting very smart. Cool habitat and he has seen Madagascar too many times lol


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