Father’s Day Gift Idea’s

Father’s Day is always somewhat of a struggle, being a single mom since Karter was born its always been awkward, do I buy him anything? Do I make him something? Karter was very little at first so I usually went with some sort of photo gift, a calendar, a mug, a mouse pad, I’ve done them all. Well now that Karter is older and enjoys doing his crafts and buying presents, so I let him pick.

We go on Pinterest (our go to site for everything) and he looks through it, thinking of what he would like to make.

Or we go to his favourite store(s) Dollarama and Walmart to pick out a present for Dad.

This time Karter chose to make his dad a book “All About Daddy” which included various questions I asked Karter, a portrait of Karter and his dad, and a picture of Karter and his Dad at their favourite park.

This is how it has turned out so far. (I have to print out pictures of Karter and his dad, they will fill in the blank spaces)


Karter is pretty excited to show his daddy!

He also plans on making his dad a shirt, we’ve done these sand paper transfer t-shirts before!


Other idea’s that Karter came close to picking…

He thought these were funny..

He paints rocks daily..

“But daddy not fish”

And this one

Eventually he will do them all. Kid does love his crafts!

Whatever you decide to do with your little ones for their daddies I hope they enjoy it!

Happy Father’s Day to all the parents!


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