I’m that mom…

Tomorrow my sweet 3 year old boy finishes his first year of preschool. Now to most, it isn’t a big deal. Kids finish school all the time. But when Karter started preschool in September he was 2 and a half, the youngest and shortest in his class. He cried everytime I dropped him off, he suffered from speech problems and was the shyest child I knew. Now after a whole year of going two days a week; when I drop him off he just runs to play with his friends and yells “bye mommy” and blows me kisses. He’s excited to go to school and play with his friends. He has flourished so much within this school year he is talking at a 5 year old rate. I watched my shy child get up in front of 50 plus strangers, sure he didn’t sing his song but he stood there. Not only that but they called Karter’s name to get a certificate for finishing the year (since he still has another year before school so couldn’t graduate) but he ran up there in front of all these strangers. I could have cried I was so proud, I kept my composure because he was looking out to make sure I was still there haha.

On his first day of preschool! I will get a new one tomorrow on his last day! 

So back on to the point of my post,

I am planning a little end of the year party at home. It will just be his family but I just wanted to celebrate how far he’s come and let him know how proud his whole family is of him.

With that being said, I am that mom.

I will always do cheesy things, that will probably drive him crazy as he gets older. But I just love being his mom and doing all these things for him makes me happy. Mostly seeing him happy so it will have to stop eventually.

For his friends we have bought ring pops to hand out as “class rings” the rest of his class graduates so he won’t see them again more than likely.

I have balloons to decorate the car with when he gets in, what toddler doesn’t love balloons.

Balloons will also be in the house with streamers and such.

I went with a Summer theme. “Out for Summer”

I have made him ice cream cone cupcakes, half will be decorated with icing and the other frozen yogurt.

I have filled a sand bucket with little summer toys from the dollar store (his favourite store)

I have made a bunch of water balloons so when he’s home he can throw them into the basketball net or just have a water balloon fight with me, his aunts and uncle because toddlers also love soaking people.

I just want him to start his summer off right, have fun. All while knowing just how proud I am of him.

Here are where I got some of the Pinterest idea’s




I hope all the kiddo’s have a fun last day of school, and summer!


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