To My Sweet, temperamental Child…

I decided I would write a letter to Karter for him to read someday, when he’s older.


I see this quote out there all the time…

“being a young mom means that we met a little early, but it also means I get to love you a little longer”

I get to love you longer, yes and I am so grateful to have you, but I get to worry that much longer everyday too. I worry every time I’m not with you, when you walk out the door with your grandma, aunt’s, dad, uncle whoever you go with I worry about you on so many levels. I worry when I am with you, when you hide on me at the store, when you don’t want to hold my hand in the parking lot, when you don’t want my help at the park. I worry. But because I am your mom I try not to let the worry get the best of me, and most of all make sure you don’t know I’m worrying.

 As you get older, and eventually when those teenage years come I will worry immensely more, after all I was a teenager once too. I apologized to your Bromey (grandmother) for being a teenager. I caused a couple grey hairs on that beautiful head of hers. Just like I await the grey hairs from you too! 

You are such a sweet, caring, loving child. The emotions you feel and share sometimes , surprise me. You were out walking the dog and noticed a poster for a missing cat. Charm. When you realized it was a missing cat you got upset, teary eyed and started shouting and yelling out for Charm, because someone’s poor cat was missing. When you discovered your cousins dog had died you got so upset you offered to share your dog because losing a dog is not nice. You cry during sad movies, you worry you upset me when you lose your shoe or misplace something. I assure you I’m not upset and you tear up with happy tears. 

You are my baby, I love you more than words can begin to express, you complete my world. You are my soul mate. You drive me absolutely crazy but you make sure to tell me I’m driving you crazy too! 

My wish for you is to grow up happy, healthy and safe. I wish that all your dreams come true and you remember just how much I love you and always will. 

Wherever life takes you and Whatever you end up doing, I will always love and support you. You’ve been my biggest cheerleader and supporter while I’ve been in school, following my dreams. I will always be there for you cheering you on, even embarrassing you too! 

And remember,

You are my sunshine

My only sunshine,

You make me happy 

When skies are grey

You’ll never know dear, 

How much I love you 

Please don’t take my sunshine away 

Love Mama 



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