Sh*t my kids says part two

Karter is always coming up with new things to say, he’s always making me either laugh or question where he is learning these things from! 

1. “I have a good idea…insert his idea here…sound like a good idea huh?”

2. He’s starting to measure things in store distance haha like “mom I love you from that ice Capp store to that ice Capp store” 

3. So I am a fan of “mother fu*k” when I get hurt, Karter has obviously caught on but he says “oh mother pain!” Or “oh mother pain in the butt”

4. A favourite of Karter’s is “you’re driving me crazy” or “you’re driving me nuts” 

5. Karter come here “no let me do my homework!!” Haha (his little book of things he needs to know before kindergarden) 

6. We are trying to give time outs for discipline or take a certain toy away for the day so when I implement this he will say “fine I call the police man he put you in jail”

7. He doesn’t want to grow up and he doesn’t want my family to grow up so he will insist we don’t eat our fruits and veggies so we stay little forever 

8.  “Mom take that lip stick and dirt off your face before you come near me” that would be my makeup people haha 

9. On the sweeter side every morning he wakes me up at the ass crack of dawn and says “oh mom I love you, let’s go get ice Capps now”

10. When certain songs come on Karter will say “oh this is my jam” and start to dance to which he says “shake your boob thing” (which he means boov from the movie Home) then says “wave my hands in the air like I don’t care” 

Karter certainly makes me laugh he is just as crazy as I am! 


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