Hide your shoulders, Hide your breasts…Hide your daughters

For those who follow me on Facebook you are aware of the article I came across, and those of you who don’t well this is the article I came across…

Pregnant Jessa Duggar Defies Family’s Strict Dress Code to Get Some Relief

I will start off by saying I have never particularly agreed with everything the Duggars believe in or spew out especially in recent events surrounding the family. I am actually against most of their views but they are entitled to them just like I am.

This thought that Michelle Duggar has taught her daughters’ disgusts me. Yep, straight up disgusting. Michelle has said of their strict dress code and specifically bathing suits, to quote her, “it’s just too hard for the guys to try to keep their eyes averted in those situations.”

So by all means Mrs.Duggar just raise your daughters to be ashamed of their own bodies, and feel men’s position in the world is greater than their own.

I’m saying it’s bull shit.

I’m sure many females and males for that matter can agree with me, that when at a beach or pool party sure you’ll look at a few people in their swim suits and think wow they look incredible. But do you spend your entire day just staring at people’s bodies purely sexually objectifying them. I would think not. I know I don’t, yes I notice a few people’s bodies and admire them for various reasons. We’re human, we are made that way, hormones and all that good stuff.

But the issue is when we are made to feel bad about our bodies because it is subjected to the male gaze, men couldn’t possibly help it. It would interfere with their daily lives looking at all these women, how could they possibly get anything accomplished in the world if all these women are around with their bathing suits, shorts, dresses, skirts, tank tops and etc.

When I was in grade 8, I was sent down to the office and forced to put on an oversized t-shirt (or go home for the day) because I wore a tank top to school and it was distracting to the boys in my class. It wasn’t even a tiny strapped tank top or low cut. It was a tank top similar to some of the ones the guys in class were wearing.

So the message I got from my school was ‘Sorry Kaylea, you must put on this t-shirt and sweat your ass off because we value the education of the males in our school and not the females. So we will disrupt your learning by making you sweat and be singled out within the school merely because you are a female with breasts that distract the valued male students within the school’

Why are we doing this to our daughters? Allowing the world to make them feel ashamed of the bodies they were born with, and making them feel less valued then the guys in the world.

And why are we not teaching boys that sexually objectifying girls is very wrong.

I am trying to raise a man out of my son, but when these thoughts are in our schools and pushed upon little girls it’s hard. I try to be a strong female role model, and teach him to respect women, not objectify them for any reason and that men and women are equals.

Why can’t we use this motto:


Some day hopefully women and men will be equals and neither men and women will be or feel sexually objectified.

Just my thoughts though maybe you agree, maybe you don’t to each their own. I just personally wish for a world where men and women are equals, girls can be just as comfortable as boys in school and later in life.


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