I have a little something to say…

I usually remain quiet on these sorts of thing, I have my own opinion and experiences I didn’t think people would care to hear.

But then a friend reminded me this is my blog and I want Karter to read it someday (if I’m around or not) to understand me and my life better.

So this is what I have to say, (If you care to read)

I saw a movie tonight, “Straight Outta Compton

In this movie, the members of NWA discuss the struggles they had growing up.

I’m not going to pretend for a moment I knew what it was like, because I have 0 experience with that.

But it broke my heart watching it, as a human being it hurt me.

It’s no secret my child is a mixed child. A beautifully mixed Trinidadian and Caucasian child.

I don’t walk around describing him this way, because he’s just my little boy; my handsome, special child.

He’s human just like the rest of us.

But some people chose to see the world in colours or black and white specifically.

For my son to have to grow up in a world where he is viewed as either black or white, or even mixed is crazy.

He’s a human. His dad is human, I am human. We made a human.

It’s really that simple.

While dating my son’s father, I would get pulled over or stopped by police regularly.

Only while he was in the car with me.

They would say, “Ma’am everything alright here?” and eye my boyfriend at the time down.

If he spoke up, they would threaten him.

But me, I was seen as a victim for some reason.

This became more clear after we had broken up,

I haven’t been pulled over or stopped since (knock on wood, now that I said it I will)

Is this the reality my son will face someday?

I had one lady so kindly tell me “oh dear, he’s lucky he light”

My child is some how better off because he has a lighter complexion than others.

How is this even a thought in people’s minds???

What is it going to take in this world for everyone to be equal?

Hasn’t there been enough tragedies to make people think, wait a minute something is very wrong here?

We’re all human.

Maybe I am completely off base here, and should just keep my thoughts to myself.

But I choose to not see the world in black and white. But to see the world and people for who they are.

Karter, is just a little boy who I hope someday will make a difference in the world, and will hopefully know a world where he isn’t judged or looked at based upon the colour his skin happens to be.

If you ask him now (like some strangers have) he will tell you he is just Karter. Karter Neythan. No more, no less.

After watching “Straight Outta Compton” (which I recommend) it was clear, that the world isn’t very different than it was 30 years ago. This is alarming. At least I think it is.

So what am I doing about the situation?

Well I am going to raise a little boy who will not view people based on their ethnicity, their gender, their religion, or whatever else comes about. He will see people for who they are, people.

Karter some day when you read this, maybe 30 years from now. I hope things are different, one thing will remain the same though I love you now, and I will love you then too for just who you are.



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