5 Things I Learned From Being a Kid

As children we think we know everything, but when we grow up we’re like holy crap what was I thinking???

So here is 5 things I learned from being a kid…

  1. Money doesn’t just appear in one’s wallet, you actually have to work for that shit. Like really work, a job of some sort. As a kid I was 100% sure money just appeared in my parents wallet, and it was endless. Don’t get me wrong I was never a spoiled brat, well no more than the rest of the country so I don’t know why I thought money was endless and it would just appear. Maybe it had something to do with mom always saying “money doesn’t grow on tree’s” so I was dead set on finding this money tree to prove her wrong.
  2. Once you actually taste your vegetables they aren’t gross, and much to my mothers dismay carrots don’t grow hair on my chest. Yes my mother’s comical attempt at making me eat carrots as a kid was “oh come on it will grow hair on your chest” sweet mom, because every girls wants hairy boobs. But as a kid, I wouldn’t eat my vegetables, maybe corn if my parents were lucky. But now as an adult I realized they’re healthy so eat all the veggies. I now eat vegetable that would make my 8 year old self cringe and question my sanity.
  3. When I was 12 years old, in Mr.McMann’s grade 8 class, I thought I was the coolest. I didn’t study, socialized the whole time, drove my teacher nuts basically. Well Kaylea, newsflash school and studying is important! It took me a little longer than it should have to realize I should take school seriously, its a gift really, that we even have school available to us. It also would have been nice to take it seriously given in university they charge you to attend, who knew? **and Mr.McMann told me after that he always knew I had it in me, just had to apply it, so that was super rewarding!**
  4. Swearing as a kid made you a total badass, or so I thought. Using words like bitch, shit, or the “eff word” just made me feel totally cool. Being in a argument with my mom or dad and under my breath uttering “whatever bitch” haha I got the last word and didn’t even get in trouble. Ok badass, slow your roll. As an adult I now value my education, the thought of not being able to properly explain my feelings in grammatically correct sentences is scary. Basically if you swear you sound uneducated, sorry not sorry. BUT I’ll assure you I still swear like a trucker, it’s bad and I know it; but when you hurt yourself or get super frustrated letting out a good swear word is just satisfying.
  5. Having a good support system. (This could be an umbrella term for many things) But as a kid, I never knew the value of a good support system or the value of my family. As a child if I had a disagreement with my parents or siblings I would think it would be totally awesome to run away and live all by myself. Or when I was 18, I thought how awesome would it be to be incredibly rude to my parents, leave and tell them I was never coming back. Well as an adult I now realize what an ass-hat I was. The stress and anger I would have caused my parents, I was a jerk. As an adult I realize the value of a good support system, mine would be my family and few friends and an extended support system at school. They help me with everything, without them I wouldn’t be as successful as I am now. I certainly wouldn’t have been able to go back to school for the 3rd time now with a toddler. I will owe them my career when I finally finish in 2 years time.

Moral of the story kids, believe in yourself for as long as you can because thats part of life, but as an adult you will realize how very wrong you were. Then you’ll get to watch new kids make the same mistakes.

But maybe try to be less ass-holy to your parents. It’s so hard parenting.

Because this has never been truer!


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