An Interview with Great-Grandma

Its been wayyyyyyy to long, I don’t want to make excuses. But basically, school is just insanity. Nursing school and a toddler no joke people!

Anyway I will post 2 blog posts today and try and get 2-3 done a month now hopefully.

This is Karter and his Great-Grandma, I thought I would focus this post on them!

Karter and his Great-Grandma <3

For this post I asked Karter who is 3 and a half what questions he wanted to ask his 89 year old great-grandma (whom he calls “great bromey) it was interesting to say the least.

This is what he came up with…

  1. “Great Bomey, why Dan my uncle?”

-Uncle Danny is your uncle because he married my daughter, your Auntie Gaelyne and grandma’s sister.

2.  “What’s your favourite animal?”

– I don’t know, maybe a dog and horse. But I’m too afraid of horses to get near one.

3. “Do you like lions like me?”

-Oh yea, I guess I do.

4. “What do you want to be when you get big?”

-Oh god, I don’t know. I don’t even remember, that was a long long long time ago dear”

5, “Did you have a dog and cat?”

– Oh yea definitely, a great big dog named Jack, I don’t remember the cat’s name. (She then went on a about how her husband brought home a dog for their 11 kids once, and she ended up caring for it, so she had that dog too. And my grandpa was a jerk for bringing one home knowing the kids wouldn’t care for it haha)

6. “Whats your favourite dinosaur?”

– I never liked dinosaurs, sorry my little man and she laughed

7. “Do you love me more than Madisson and Leisha?” (his Aunties)

-Yea but it’ll be our secret

8. “Do you like the zoo?”

– I never really went, but it looks fun and scary haha

9. “Why you like a little boy like me?”

-You’re my special little man, I love you very much.

10. “Was mommy a good boy like me?”

– (laughs) Well yea I guess she was most days, but you’re better. Another secret ok?

After that Karter said, ok thank you, I love you and blew a kiss.

Considering they are about 86 years apart, there bond is adorable. She is forever thanking me for bringing this little boy into her life, at the time I did. (She had just lost a daughter) she had expressed how it brought joy and happiness back into the family, a little piece of her back too.

Letters from Great-Greatma

She often leaves him love notes like the one above for Karter, I take them and put them aside for him because who know’s he may want them, or at least I know I will.


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