She- Woman Man Haters Club…

I’m just going to get right down to it, I consider myself a feminist. Maybe not the greatest feminist but I believe in myself and I believe I am equal to men in all aspects. A feminist.

This article…

“women aren’t women anymore”

Angers me on so many levels. So I’m going to dissect it part by part because there is so much wrong in this article.

“The problem? This new phenomenon has changed the dance between men and women,” Venker wrote. With feminism pushing them out of their traditional role of breadwinner, protector and provider – and divorce laws increasingly creating a dangerously precarious financial prospect for the men cut loose from marriage – men are simply no longer finding any benefit in it.

This new phenomenon being referred to is that are more women in the workforce, and more women are acquiring university degrees than men. And somehow this is changing the ‘dance’ between men and women. Dance? Please it is women gaining the right to provide for themselves, and this scares certain men. And I say certain men, because not all men feel this way, some are very feminist in their own right.

Men are no longer finding any benefit in marriage? So essentially, marriage is a gain for men in the sense that they have the power, and they own all the assets, a woman brings nothing into a marriage? It would cost men their financial power and patriarchy ideals.

I’m sorry but I always thought majority of people enter a marriage because they love one another, and want to share all these responsibilities together, go through life together as a team. Not one part of the marriage holding power over the other.

“When I ask them why, the answer is always the same: women aren’t women anymore.” Feminism, which teaches women to think of men as the enemy, has made women “angry” and “defensive, though often unknowingly.”

This I find this particularly disgusting. She asked them why they don’t ever want to get married. And there response is feminism??

I was always taught that feminism was fighting for women to have equal rights to men in all aspects of life. Not hating men. Why was I left out of this “She woman man haters club”?

Let me include some facts here for people who don’t seem to understand feminism.

A definition for you,

Feminism is a range of movements and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment.

I don’t see anything in there about hating men, actually the word men, or male isn’t mentioned at all.


It wasn’t until 1918 when women gained the right to vote, it was given to women who “meet the qualifications entitling a man to vote”. 1918 people. That is only 97 years ago.

In 1960- In December, birth control pills are available for sale.

In 1988- Men with less than a grade 8 education earn, on average, $22,387 annually while women college graduates on average earn less than $20,000 annually. Only 27 years ago.

I’ll keep that portion brief but there is so many liberties women were not granted until recently.

This part of the article I have an issue with as well..

“It’s the women who lose. Not only are they saddled with the consequences of sex, by dismissing male nature they’re forever seeking a balanced life. The fact is, women need men’s linear career goals – they need men to pick up the slack at the office – in order to live the balanced life they seek.”

I am a single mother, trying to balance school, and motherhood on top of everything else. But not once did I think well maybe I should just find a man. That will solve everything he can pick up the slack. This last quote gets to me the most…

“The research found that Millennials, many of whom are the children of divorce and single-parenthood themselves, are also less likely than their elders to say that a child needs both a father and mother at home, that single parenthood and unmarried couple parenthood are bad for society”.

This irritates me. I myself don’t believe a child needs a mother and father at home in order for the child to flourish. I am raising a well rounded child without his dad living with us, and I’d like to think Karter is pretty awesome. The end of this article is unclear, are they arguing that millennials are less likely to say single parenthood and unmarried couple parenthood are bad for society? Or that they are generally bad for society?

Like many single parents, I made the decision I felt was best for my child so that he lived in a loving, tension-less home. And mediocre little articles like this get to me.

But again this article was supposed to be about women no longer being women, so I don’t know why at the end they shift gears and attack parenting but they do.

I believe in equality, I believe men and women should be offered the same opportunities in life.

This article is somewhat anti-feminist in the sense that is says women need me, or that single parenthood is bad for the child and society. Patriarchy is real, and it’s unfair. Men shouldn’t be able to hold all the power, it should be shared. Lets do the world a favour and make everyone equal.



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