Shit my kid says Part 3 

Karter is always surprising me with the things that he comes up with!

1. “Mom me don’t want to go to feets class”- here he is telling me he doesn’t want to go to speech class, clearly it’s a great idea.

2. As I was taking a selfie my sweet 3 year old says “seriously mom, seriously?” Then face palms.

3. He’s super into charades as of late, so he will pretend to be some sort of animal. I was guessing, tiger, lion, panda bear… “no mom, I’m a sloth eating a stick!” Well you sure stumped me kid.

4. Karter think’s I’m a nascar driver. So as we are waiting at a red light or waiting behind a car… “mom just hit the car, come on!” Ok Mario Andretti calm down.

5. Karter and I were watching his birth video and he says when its over, “mom I don’t ever want to see you poo me out again” needless to say I died.

6. As a typical kid Karter will ask for a million things to which I say, is mommy made of money? At this point my child will list all the things I’ve recently bought and then say, “see you shop everyday!” Ok, touche!

7. He’s all about scaring me, to the point where he has to ask “mom did you pee and poop your pants?” Oh yea, so scary. “Well you can wear my pull-ups to bed tonight!”

8. “Good morning mommy, dung beetles roll their poop and their babies eat it. What we having to eat?” Thats enough animal planet for you!

9. As a nursing student I use my stethoscope at home a lot. I’ve showed Karter how to use it as well. So he will walk around the house listening to everyone’s stomach and then tells them “you gotta poop, I hear it”. Everyone always has to poop.

10. Karter is very much into Christmas this year, buying everyone gifts. There is nothing sweeter, or more entertaining then giving a toddler a couple dollars and letting them pick gifts for people. We’ve had to ask Karter well what does that person love most, then he is able to come up with something thoughtful yet still hilarious. He’s gone out twice now to buy me something because he will come home after and tell me what he’s bought me and say “oh now I have to buy another”. Ok Karter Claus, its the thought that counts not the present.

Two and three years old, is probably my favourite stages. The things they say and do are just so funny, but then also seeing him figure out the world and see how life works is just incredible. Living life through the eyes of a toddler is just magical and heart warming. And well embarrassing and funny sometimes. 


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