Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

Karter’s mom here. Kaylea, the bright eye’d red head little girl who wrote to you for years?


Remember me?

Well I am writing you again, as an adult. My christmas wish list has changed a lot over the last couple of years.

As any mom I just want for Karter to be happy, and get everything on his wish list. I want for him to be happy, and healthy but I also want for him to make friends, laugh, love, continue to be this shining beacon in my life.

However, as for myself I would love some determination to finish my long list of to do’s. Some will power similar to the will power I previously possessed in order to accomplish some person goals. Perhaps more time in the day to spend with my little love, or just to relax in the bath instead of cramming everything into twenty-four hours.

Maybe since your Santa you could answer a question, can we as humans really have it all without burning ourselves out? I want honour roll at school, I want to be successful enough to secure a job once school is finished, I want to be super mom. Spending oodles of time with Karter, making memories, being soccer mom, PTA mom, throwing him and his friends holiday parties. I also want to have my own friends, and maybe the glimmer of a social life. Perhaps host dinner parties and get togethers for grownups. Maybe some day find a person to share all these things with, and have a healthy happy relationship. You know really have it all.

Santa is that possible?

Because right now I’m not entirely sure it is. I mean something has to give doesn’t it.

Isn’t it sweet Aunt May who said “you’re not Superman you know?” But he was after all Spiderman.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful Santa because I have never been happier, I almost feel as though I have it all, I’m just wondering if it possible to have it all and keep it all.

And of all people Santa, should know.

Well Merry Christmas Santa, until next year…

Still bright eye’d and red haired,




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