Christmas with Children…

As a child growing up I always remember how much Christmas meant to me, and well yea the obvious answer is presents. But, I also loved the family time.

Waiting up on Christmas Eve with my siblings, hardly able to contain our excitement. Our parents likely thinking “Dear Santa just one more hour of sleep”. We were those kids up at 4am thinking, K were up lets get this show on the road. Meanwhile my parents had just gone to bed.

Finally Christmas day arrives and seeing the happiness on my family’s face as they open the presents I put so much thought into, and my hard earned paper route money.

I used to think, how could this day get any better?

Well Christmas 2012, got a lot better.

It was Karter’s first Christmas. He was only 9 months old, but seeing his big, beautiful brown eyes light up turned me to mush.

Sometimes, ok maybe even a lot of the time being his mother still doesn’t feel real. Like how did I get this lucky? We were chosen by each other by some higher power, or genetics or however you look at it, but he’s mine and I’m his.

Seeing Karter experience the world is by far the best feeling in the entire world to me.

Seeing the world through the eyes of a child is incredible. There is no hate, no judgements, no sorrow, they are just happy children who are experiencing a lot of the world for the first time.

Back to Christmas specifically though…

As Karter gets a little bit older, and lets say wiser each year Christmas changes.

This year, there was so much more understanding and excitement.

He knew who Santa was, he knew he was coming with his reindeer and sleigh with presents for him. Santa had been watching him all year, Karter had promised he was a good boy all year.

This year Karter sang Christmas carols, put out the cookies and chocolate milk (Santa emailed me and ended Karter’s debate over milk or chocolate milk…)

This year Karter had multiple countdowns, everyday he would tell me how much closer to Christmas he was.

There was just an extra magical feeling to Christmas this year with Karter.

I had a permanent smile on my face all day, my heart was so incredibly full.

So basically no matter what holiday you celebrate or no holiday at all, its so much more special as an adult, witnessing children regardless if their your own or not, its so heartwarming.

Happy Christmas, and the merriest of Holidays to you and your family from Karter and I


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