Mommy Time Outs

Ok, let me start by saying… You’re not a bad mom.

Contrary to popular belief you are not a bad mom if you choose to make some time for yourself.

Better yet it makes you a better mom.

When you take the time to make time for yourself, you become a better mom.

As a mother there are a million and one things going on in the brain of yours and you deserve even 5 minutes to yourself to digest just the tiniest bit of what happened that day.

You deserve that time to do whatever you want to do,

It could be when you go to the bathroom, or when you have to run to the store to grab milk… or when you decide to go out to the movies, out with friends for dinner, out for a coffee, dare I even say a date with your significant other.

Choosing to take five minutes, an hour, an evening, a weekend to do whatever it is you desire doesn’t make you a bad mom. It makes you so much better.

100% of our days are spent making our children happy and worrying about them for the rest of our lives, it is in us to want to protect them, worry about them, make their happiness come first.

So when you take time for yourself, you are allowing for personal growth, growth as a parent.

You wouldn’t want to resent your child or your significant other because you don’t get time to yourself, therefore make that time for yourself.

I usually choose to go to the gym, or the grocery store. Being at school allows me to digest a little too.

Stop worrying you’re still a mom, and a great one when you make time for yourself.

Just make sure you have a responsible baby sitter, and enjoy yourself in between texting the sitter seeing how your babies are doing.



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