Just because 

Being a parents comes with so many emotions and responsibilities.

Some days I feel like super woman conquering the world, other days I think well I got dressed that must count for something.

But children they light up our lives.

Karter can brighten my day, on the very worst of days by just cracking a smile or hugging me. It doesn’t take much. 

Lately I’ve been feeling less like super woman and more like inadequate woman.

But while goofing around with Karter tonight I was videoing him asking him what mommy does. Generally he says I’m a doctor. I’d love to be, I’m a nursing student close enough. 

But he said this instead…

Making every little thing I do worth it, he may not know how to verbalized that he appreciates it everyday. But in just 1 word he is able to tell me he sees everything I do for him. 

There is no real rhyme or reason for this post, just that don’t think your children do not see and realize everything you do.

They know you are superman and superwoman, they see what you do for them when you don’t even think they are paying attention.

So remember to do your super people stance and rock that day because those kids are watching you, and love you that much more. 


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