7 Parenting Lessons Learned From Full House…

With Fuller House being released in days I’ve been procrastinating on life with Full House episodes.

Being a 90’s kid I grew up with DJ, Stephanie, Michelle, Uncle Jesse (my favourite obviously) and the whole family. I would get home from school and watch an hour of Full House before starting my homework.

So essentially I have been procrastinating with Full House since Elementary school. 

Full House taught me a lot about being a parent before I even considered having children, as a child myself watching it I didn’t really take the parents seriously. I mean would you? I just thought Danny and Joey were funny and Jesse was just hot haha

But after reflecting and rewatching Full House, has actually taught me a lot…

1. It takes a village to raise a child:

Seriously though. Raising a child in the best of situations isn’t easy, it takes a village to help raise a child or children. When Danny Tanner had the unfortunate task of facing raising his three young daughters by himself, his best friend and brother-in-law without hesitation stepped in to help… Personally when I found myself faced with raising Karter as a single mother, my family has been the pseudo significant others and “dad” in the equation. Whenever I need them they are there, Karter coutnts on them just as he does me.

The Tanner village season 1

2. Not so planned parenthood : 

You can plan and make lists until your blue in the face, but once that tiny little human enters your life… shit hits the fan. Sorry but it does. Danny Tanner didn’t plan on raising his daughter’s without his wife, Jesse and Joey didn’t plan on staying 8 plus years with the Tanners but thats the way it was. I didn’t set out to be a single mom, but I took it in stride. I also planned on Karter eating nothing but healthy food, that doesn’t always happen. Some days I cut my losses and pick up McDonald’s and call it a night.

3.Your children own you: 

I mean sure, you’re in charge most of the time. But kids, they’re the ones who own us. Recall the episode of Full House when Jesse was moving out to live with Becky, and that infamous scene with Michelle and Jesse and the one tear. Oh lord the one tear, causing many tears to be shed across the world. Jesse ended up compromising and moving into the attic of the Tanner house, because well Michelle owns Jesse. Owns is just another world for unconditional love, I am in charge, I am the parent to teach Karter the ins and outs of life I love him unconditionally. But he owns me in a way, I would do anything for him which in turn means he owns me.

The infamous tear 

4.Be an open parent:

There were many episodes where I remember thinking, man if that was me I’d be grounded for life. But Danny, Joey and Jesse did a pretty amazing thing and kept an open, talking relationship with the girls. They could tell them anything, and yea sometimes they got in trouble. But they weren’t afraid to tell their parents anything because the three men kept an open mind and in turn an open relationship with the girls. I keep an open relationship with Karter already, he will never be afraid to tell me something or feel the need to keep things from me.

Danny always had the best speeches for his daughters 

5. Be silly, dance, laugh, and cry with your children:

I remember the episode where Uncle Jesse’s Opa had died. There was an overwhelming sense of sadness throughout the show. But it ended with Michelle and Uncle Jesse dancing in front of her class smiling. Or Joey was always making the girls laugh despite any situation happening in the house. I subconsciously remembered those moments, and I always dance it out with Karter, and he will always try to make me laugh when he senses I’m sad.


They danced the sadness out 

6. Always remain positive and optimistic:

No matter what the Tanner’s had thrown at them, they persevered. And despite how bad things seemed they always remained positive about it all. 2 episodes come to mind in particular, one of Michelle’s birthdays are spent in a car garage but Uncle Jesse and Stephanie make the best of a bad situate and Michelle has a good day. In the last season Michelle falls off a horse and her memory is impaired, somehow through a difficult situation the family remains positive and it all worked out in the end.

7. Family is everything:

Of all the things the Tanner’s taught me, most importantly being that family is everything. They were always there for one another when it counts, they never gave up on one another, they worked through family issues together and came out on top. It may have taken longer than it should have for me to realize this (cough… 18 year old me wakeup…cough) but I realized non the less and now my family is the centre of my world and everything else comes after Karter and my family.


Honourable mention:

Catch Phrases- I always have a funny ‘catch phase’ I always have something funny to say to Karter and he has been doing it back to me lately. They aren’t always the same thing so I wouldn’t say catch phrase like “how rude”, “cut it out”, “have mercy” or  “you got it dude” but we crack each other up and we continue it going.


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