Mom secrets…

I’ve been a mom a whole four years now,

So basically I know a lot… haha

But really I know that being a parent is one of the hardest jobs out there. So I’ve picked up a few things that I feel make the days go smoother.

  1. Scheduling is everything. Kid’s are basically programmed. They become used to a schedule, and if anything is off its anarchy. Bedtime schedules specifically, if anything is off you best bet that child is going to be up until 2am. I have a schedule I stick to it for the sake of both our sanity’s.
  2. Nap. This seems so simple, but sleep as a mother is so hard to come by. So sleep, whenever the opportunity arises. Nap with your baby, toddler, child just nap. The rest of your responsibilities will still be there when you wake up.
  3. Don’t compete with other moms. This one is hard. I find myself always comparing myself to other moms. But in reality we’re all great moms, and we shouldn’t compete but encourage and praise each other. So high five fellow moms, you rock!
  4. Multi-task. I’m pretty sure the art of multi-tasking was perfected by moms. We have about a thousand and one things going on in those brains of ours and we seem to get through the day managing them all. We’re multi-tasking when we don’t even know it.
  5. Take a break. All moms are superheroes there is no denying this. But even superheroes not only deserve but need a break. So make sure you take that break, maybe 5 minutes in the washroom, or a quick trip to the grocery store. But take it and enjoy it.
  6. Finally the last secret I’ve learned, is that no matter how much you think you’re screwing up. You’re not. No one knows your child better than you, and that beautiful babe of yours will love you regardless. You’re a great mom and you’re doing a good job.



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