10 of the Most Accurate Parenting Meme’s 

It has been a couple crazy, hectic months for Karter and I; I will explain in a post when I have more information and clarity on the situation. Anyway, I wanted to post a funnier more lighter post in the mean time.

We all know parenting doesn’t come without its trials and tribulations, but it’s all part of this journey we all parenting and life! 

So number 10 is…

We all know this feeling. Put the children to sleep, and then you have a solid one hour to party before you go to bed. Am I right? 

Number 9…

I couldn’t even tell you what bars are popular or even still in business now a days. But I can sure tell you when the zoo is open, or what’s happening on the latest Paw Patrol episode! 

Number 8…

Kids thrive off a lack of sleep I swear! The less sleep Karter gets the more energy he has! No matter what I know I can count on Karter to be my alarm clock bright and early at 6am like always! He doesn’t mind or care that I’ve had a solid 3 hours of sleep, it’s a new day mom lets do this thing! 

Number 7…

If it’s not Karter barging in the bathroom door because he has to pee more than I do, it’s the cat scratching at the door for some quality time. I swear the only time Karter has to urgently poop is when I have just gotten into the bathroom. I imagine in his brain it goes something like this… “Mom? Mommy? Oh she must be peeing, I better go see how it’s going. Oh man I have to pee, well clearly I have to pee more than her. I’ll just tell her to stop and move so I can go. Then maybe I’ll have to poop 2 minutes later. Yea that sounds accurate” 

Number 6…

Toddlers can not be trusted. Sorry it had to be said. I remember one time, Karter was very quiet. I actually thought to myself wow maybe I have 5 minutes to eat. But then I found him… Colouring on the walls with chalk. He just walked away, like yea I did that so what you left me alone for more than 30 seconds, what did you expect me to do?

Number 5…

Oh boy have I been here a hundred times. Cuddle Karter to sleep, but then I’m trapped. If I try to slowly get my arm out and sneak away I risk the chance of waking him and spending another hour trying to get him back to sleep. But honestly 99% I pass out with him for a nap at 8pm, whoops! 

Number 4…

“Mom, mommy, mom, mama, Kaylea!!!”

Yes Karter 

“Oh nothing” 


I think he just likes the sound of his own voice at this point, or to see how many times and variations he can say mom before I answer him, because whatever I am doing is not nearly as important. 

Number 3…  

  I will make something, he doesn’t want it so we go back and fourth finally I make something else he claims he will eat… Oh but then he no longer wants it. Fine child starve!! Yep daily struggle! 
Number 2…

 For me this one is more relevant when I hear something come out of his mouth that I say. Lately he will say “oh god” for everything!! Well guess who is guilty of saying “oh god…” On the regular. Yep me. So natually I hide my giggle and tell him it’s not nice to say that and maybe he should say “oh gosh” instead. 

Or the one time I stubbed my toe and yelled out “f**k” and suddenly Karter was saying it left right and centre. Yep, face palm! That took a day to blow over then he realized no one thought it was funny so he moved on to a new word.

And of course number 1… 


Kids don’t come with a handbook, every child is different, every parent parents different. It’s not easy, it’s not intended to be. But man, is it ever the most rewarding experience. I cry, laugh and get frustrated daily but I wouldn’t change a thing for a second. Karter is just the biggest blessing in my life.

Honourable mention goes to this meme…

In our house is Paw Patrol. You put on Paw Patrol and you can sit for a minute and enjoy the latest heroics and hijinx of Chase, Rocky, Ryder and the gang! 


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