Shit my kid says part 4

Once again Karter is at it, making me laugh till I cry…

Here is just some of what he has been saying lately:

  1. While picking him up and putting him in the car he says, “oh my god mom you just pushed my fart out” and we both started laughing. Because farts are now all the rage.
  2. “mom you’re kinda really losing your mind”– this is his go to phrase when he doesn’t wanna hear what I have to say
  3. “Oh my god, you’re never going to believe this, it’s unbelievable!!!” Something an adult might deem not a big deal is unbelievable to Karter.
  4. “Mom can you hold this, my hands are just filthy!” Ok you little 80 year old man 
  5. While grocery shopping Karter says to me, “no no mom let me push the cart, I’m the man” 4 going on 24 apparently 
  6. While looking out the window Karter says, “look there’s the green sign we saw at Great Bromey’s.” Where’s the sign? “Over yonder.” Ok, little 90 year old. 
  7. Karter will always say, “this is going to be great” when he believes he has a good idea haha 
  8. It doesn’t take much to please a toddler. We can go to the park, stay in bed cuddling, go to the zoo, go to the grocery store and karter without a doubt will say, “this is the best day ever!!!” It always makes me smile.

This child never fails to make me laugh, he comes up with some crazy things! 


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