I’m Calling Bullshit…

If you google “parenting” you will be flooding with websites with a million ways to be a good parent.

I’m calling bullshit.

I think there is maybe one way to be a “good parent” (which I also think is subjective) which would be just be present in your child’s life.

Otherwise all these 1000 ways to be a good parent, is basically irrelevant.

There is literally a article titled “50 easy ways to be a fantastic parent” are you shitting me??

For one, how is anything parent related easy. The only thing that came easy for me was loving Karter. And two, how can you dictate being a fantastic parent, isn’t that somewhat subjective???

One of their suggestions to be a fantastic parent is to “encourage daddy time” now I’m a single mom so I don’t totally understand this, as Daddy isn’t readily available for Karter. But is this a thing that needs to be said and done? Shouldn’t daddy time or mommy time be a given? I mean you chose to have this child and raise it, so shouldn’t you just be there??? 

Another helpful tip to be a fantastic parent… “Play with your child” seriously??? Is this not common knowledge? Aka be there, be present, in the moment. 

Another one… “Talk about what it means to be a good person” ok so don’t raise an asshole. Got it. 

“Vaccinate your children” I vaccinate for my own reasons, but subliminal or rather blatant messages to make parents vaccinate. Cool. 

“Encourage your kids to brush their teeth” while your at it, encourage them to bath and wipe their bum too, that would make you a real fantastic parent. 

This article even has to say, “love your kids equally, but treat them uniquely” so parents, love them all the same but treat them as their own humans, not clones. 

Without trying to give my own tips or advice I leave you with this…

My point was, you will hear a billion reasons and way to be a good parent; but just be there in the moments with your children. Everything else is second nature, you know your child has to brush their teeth and so on. We’re all great parents despite the varying parenting choices, one isn’t better than the other it’s all subjective. 

One of the in the moments caught on camera of Karter and I…


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