On Your First Day of School Karter…

Well first let me say, I wasn’t super active on my blog throughout the summer. I worked, completed a summer course and spent time with my little. It was a very busy, fast summer (lightening speed fast). I’m finding it hard to believe Labor Day is coming to an end as I type this up. But it is. Now on to the reason for this post…

My baby, is starting Junior Kindergarten tomorrow morning.


He was just born like yesterday!

But the reality is he is four and a half, that photo is four and a half years old.

For the most part he is ready for school, his bag is packed, he’s picked out a new outfit, he even practiced opening and eating his snacks. The not so ready is his anxiety and uncertainty of the whole situation.

But he’s a good kid (I may be biased) and after some time will flourish at school.

He loves the crap out of facts and knowledge. He loves nothing more than schooling me with knowledge.

Now, Karter one day I hope you sit down and read these blog posts and appreciate them. If not, I know I will read them until I’m old and grey and don’t know how to work the newest technology. So I write this to you on the eve of your first day of school…

My Dear Sweet Little Boy,

This is the eve of your first day of junior kindergarten, I have so many emotions going on right now. I am equally, excited, happy, joyful, nervous, and sad. Yes sad, because you are growing up so quickly I just want to slow down time a little bit and hug you a little longer. But I also know you will love school so much, and learn tons. You will come running to me to tell me everything you’ve learned that day!

I am grateful for that hour in the day where you say “ok mom I’m ready to go cuddle” I will cuddle until you are too cool to cuddle your mom anymore. Here we are cuddling just yesterday.

Tonight I cuddled you to sleep, before you embark on this HUGE day. I tried not to make it a huge deal for you, and I promise I will try not to cry until you’re in the classroom with your teacher (I’ll tell you a secret, I’m trying not to get emotional just typing this up). This is such a big day for both of us, mommy has to trust someone else with you, and trust that I have taught you everything you need to know thus far. And you, you have to go into this unfamiliar place and make friends, I know it wont be the easiest thing but you will be so great baby!

As for trusting your teacher, I absolutely do. Mommy actually had your teacher as her very own teacher in 7th grade, you will be walking the very same halls mommy nervously walked, and ended up making some great friends and memories. When you walk down the hall to the water fountain you will see mommy’s photo up on the wall from 10 years ago, hopefully that is comforting. And if it isn’t you have that photo of mommy you stuck in your backpack to look at when your day isn’t going as planned.

So my sweet boy, you are going to do so many great things in this world. And this first day of kindergarten is only just the beginning. I love you so much, and Mommy will be waiting for you before the bell even rings, I promise to listen all about your day, or just lay and cuddle because I promise no matter how much you’re missing me I am missing you 100 time more and will be thinking about you all day!

And baby don’t forget,

You are my sunshine xo Mommy




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