Shit my kid says part 5

My favorite blog post is always these ones, I may be biased but Karter is the funniest child haha

  1. “Mom don’t you have patience”- this is one of those things you say and then it comes back to bite you in the butt. I say this to Karter often as when he asks for something it is then and there. So now when he isn’t listening, I nag he asks me if I have patience.
  2. “Omg I’m gonna die”- This he may or may not get from me either. The dramatics. He asks for chocolate milk and I say ok one minute. “Mom if I don’t get chocolate milk right now I’m gonna die!!”
  3. Watching Harry Potter with Karter I get very excited. I said oh Karter you’ll like this one, there’s a wolf. “mom don’t spoil the movie” Wow ok you teenager you.
  4. POOP. Everything, everywhere is poop. Poop is so funny.
  5. Karter know’s big words. He’s listens to adults all the time the other day while watching snoopy he says “hahah he’s so stubborn” he comes out with the craziest words sometimes for a four year old.
  6. “Raise your hand if..” he comes up with the silliest ones, raise your hand if you just pooped, raise your hand if your four, raise your hand if you got money from your cousin, he will play this game all darn day!
  7. I’m not really sure why, but I’d like to think its because were wizards. But Karter refers to people as humans. “Mom today at school all the humans… Ok mom which human are you?” He uses humans instead of people, clearly because were wizards LOL
  8. “Mom I want pepperoni pizza but with out the pepperoni” So you want cheese… “No pepperoni without the pepperoni”, sometimes he forgets the word is pepperoni and calls it macaroni
  9. In December, if anyone didn’t do as Karter wanted “that’s it you’re on the naughty list” he would say.
  10. Since starting school, his favorite part of school is Oh Canada. Yea the song. He sings it all day long.
  11. Karter is picking up lots of things at school, like the middle finger. We affectionately call the “bad finger” he will walk around with it out but not raised all damn day. Thanks other kids at school LOL
  12. “I’m a genius, mom I’m a genius” – perhaps I boast his ego a little too much but he impresses me everyday. So he will walk around saying I’m a genius haha



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