Don’t say the A word…

Karter, my family and I have been dealing with some stuff for quite some time. Since he was born but most recently since October.

It’s something I have debated on commenting on out loud because there is such a stigma and I never wanted that for Karter.

But then I thought, that if I have a platform (ie my blog) to raise awareness for such an important cause I should.

Karter has autism.

I don’t say that often, it’s still like word vomit saying it out loud. But I think that’s why I need to make a blog post about it, because it really shouldn’t be word vomit to say it.

Karter is aware of it, he thinks it’s cool. If you ask him what it is he just says it makes him hyper and mad when he doesn’t know why. But he will happily tell you he’s getting better, he’s starting to talk to more people and come out of his shell.

Formally he is low on the spectrum, he would have been classified as Aspergers but they know longer use that classification. He is high functioning, he’s verbal. He’s pretty darn awesome.

Very little has actually changed for us, because everything in terms of therapy has such a super long wait list. It’s so unfortunate for these little kids who need the help but have to wait.

The only thing that’s changed really is trying to get a schedule in place. Autistic children thrive off schedules and I’m failing Karter in this aspect. Which is my ultimate fear. I just need to get organized and get him on a schedule.

So why post this,

Because I had a woman at Karters school say to me, “don’t worry dear, he doesn’t look autistic. He doesn’t look like one of those kids.”

The fact that she made a comment didn’t hurt. People will say things like telling me to control my child, or parent him already. That’s all well and good. I was so hurt that she had group together children who have a mental illness or developmental delay and tried to say they look a specific way.

This is why I write this. To educate people.

My sweet Karter looks just like all the other 50 kids in the school yard. He just may be a little quieter, a little shy and socially awkward. But he’s smart, and just want to play with his friends.

He will tell you himself he’s happy and likes his autism, he believes it is a cool trait which makes him, well him.

April is Autism awareness month.

Can you do one thing for Karter? Just raise awareness for acceptance and understanding because it is a complex mental illness and developmental disorder. And just because you know one child with autism doesn’t mean you understand them all. Let’s stop making it a taboo thing to talk about!

Here is a link for an awesome source if you want further information…



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